Adjustable Gastric Banding

The adjustable gastric band is an inflatable band that is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, creating a small stomach pouch above the band, leaving the rest of the stomach below the band. Adjustable gastric banding reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold, which can result in a loss of up to 40 to 50 percent of the excess weight. Most patients report that this procedure reduces the feeling of hunger, which helps them decrease the amount of calories they consume.

Adjustable gastric banding is reversible and adjustable and does not involve any cutting of the stomach or rerouting of the intestines. However, having a foreign device in the body always comes with some risk of mechanical problems, or possible device erosion or slippage. It can also cause other complications if the patient does not strictly adhere to the postoperative diet and follow-up visits.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of this procedure.