Healthy Attitude Tips

It’s important for your child to develop a healthy attitude toward food. Here are some tips for helping your child develop the right mindset when it comes to diet:

  • Don’t use food as a reward for good behavior or incentive to stop bad behavior. Promising sweets or treats as a reward gives those unhealthy foods an exalted place in your child’s mind.

  • Don’t make your child clean their plate. If your child is full, don’t force them to keep eating. Help them learn how to listen to their bodies’ hunger cues and how to avoid overeating when they are full.

  • Limit eating to specific meal and snack times.

  • Many kids have a tendency to graze as long as food is available and can overeat without realizing it.

  • Avoid large portions. Start with small servings, and let your child ask for more if they’re still hungry.