Quality of Life Overview


Lt Col Phillips
The term “quality of life” refers to a set of factors in the life of a person that determines a standard for their health, comfort, and happiness. When someone is obese, their quality of life may be significantly impacted.

Lt Col Reynolds
That’s right, Dr. Phillips. In the case of an obese patient, if their condition affects their ability to be mobile, then their quality of life is impacted negatively. And just as there are physical factors to an individual’s quality of life, there are mental and social elements as well.

Again, in the case of an obese patient, their emotional reaction to their condition may include being self-conscious when they’re in public places or social situations, and this can lead to a negative perception of themselves.

Lt Col Phillips
Showing a patient that their quality of life goes beyond their physical health to their mental and social health can help better equip them to address their condition, and encourage them to take steps necessary to improve that condition.